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About me

With over 10 years of experience as a Digital Designer, I am the right person to take on your web-based project like website re-design, iPhone app. and more.


My Work

Check out a selected range of my portfolio. I can help you from personal Blog’s over CMS themes to iPhone App design and development. Launch Extended Portfolio


The Services

I can help you by designing and developing a website, iPhone app. or any other digital application you are after. Tell me what you need – I send you a quote.

Samuel Larcher. Revealed.

Hi, my name is Samuel. I am a Sydney based Web & Online Application Designer. I was born in South Tyrol – Italy studying what I love to do – Graphic Design and Advertising. Beginning my career in Vienna I worked for six years developing my skills in print and Graphic Design before moving to Sydney in 2006.

I now work as a Senior Digital Web Designer providing tailored services to your needs, specialising in creating exciting designs for the World Wide Web. My focus is to design websites which are easy to use, with a high standard of functionality and usability, and most of all – lots of character.

My credo is to create stunning online applications customized to your needs for that incredible great idea of yours, your online business, your online presence – from shopping cart to blog.

If you have a project you would like to bring to life get in touch with me for further details.



  • Custom Theme
  • Corporate Site Design
  • WordPress Content Management System
  • Enquiry form pages design
  • Brand – Collateral design
  • Training

This web project was for AustraliaMigrate located in Chatswood, NSW. The website was built entirely with WordPress – the theme is a custom designed theme.
Also included in this project was the Brand Design and design for collateral like business cards and slips.

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Website Design
& Development

Web Design & Web Development
Services I offer include:

  • Website Design Visual Concepts
  • Website Design + HTML/CSS
  • Website Design + Content Management System
  • Blogs Design and Development
  • and more

Give your online users a great experience with a re-freshed website design or make your live easier by using a Management System for your website. I can help you with these and more web services… ask me how!


iPhone App.

iPhone / iPad App. Design Service
I offer include:

  • iPhone and iPad Visual Design
  • iPhone and iPad Functionality Specifications
  • iPhone and iPad Application Development
    (in combination with design)

Increase your online presence and services by offering an iPhone or iPad App. to mobile users. It’s a great way to expose yourself into a young, growing market. Talk to me today to bring your App. alive!

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Sometimes it helps to make some reseach on the web and see if something similiar is already out there. Give it a go and try to summarize as much as you can.

If you have a special project which
needs some extra features and function-
ality which does not come out of a draw - than this is your form. Give me as much info as you can to get a clear picture of what you are after.

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Webdesign &

The more you tell me about your requirements the better I can estimate the project and deliver great designs!

Web Design & Web development
Services I offer include:

  • Webconcepts & Design
  • HTML Website Coding
  • Custom Wordpress Themes + Setup
Tell me all I should know about your project:

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iPhone App.

The more you tell me about your requirements the better I can estimate the project and deliver great designs!

iPhone and iPad development
services I offer include:

  • iPhone / iPad Application Visual Design
  • iPhone Application Functionality Specifications
  • Development of iPhone - iPad Application
Tell me all I should know about your project:

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Your idea is absolute safe with me.

You have this great online business idea and you need someone to design and develop it. But to do that,
you need to reveal your idea, how it works, what it does. Don’t worry. Your idea is save with me.

Samuellarcher.com.au agrees to;a) hold and maintain the Confidential Information in strictest confidence for the sole and exclusive benefit of the Disclosing Party.b) to restrict access to Confidential Information to any employees, contractors and third parties as is reasonably required and shall require those persons to sign nondisclosure restrictions at least as protective as those in this Agreement

c) not, without prior written approval of Disclosing Party, use for Receiving Party’s own benefit, publish, copy, or otherwise disclose to others, or permit the use by others for their benefit or to the detriment of Disclosing Party, any Confidential Information.d) return to Disclosing Party any and all records, notes, and other written, printed, or tangible materials in its possession pertaining to Confidential Information immediately if Disclosing Party requests it in writing.
More Safety?Feel free to send me a Non-Disclosure agreement so we can get started with the exciting stuff quicker.

Getting in touch
with me.

I am available for any project communication via Basecamp, Skype or email. I will always try getting back to you asap.

Please use this form to get in touch with me in regards of an existing project only. Use the Website Enquiry Form the iPhone App. Enquiry Form or the Custom Quote Form for project enquiries.

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A Sydney based Website Design Freelancer with experience

Samuel Larcher develops some creative website themes. WordPress is a perfect Content Management System suited for those purposes. The WordPress CMS is widely spread and Plug-In’s and Add-on’s can easily be extended. Shopping cart systems can be built specifically for the WordPress plattform. E-commerce systems for smaller businesses or larger online shops can all be satisfied with great e-commerce WordPress systems available. As a Sydney WordPress Freelancer Samuel Larcher has an extensive experience in WordPress Development and Concrete5 customisation. Many WordPress themes need some additional WordPress Theme customisation and tweaks to fulfil the correct functionality. Samuel Larcher can help you customise WordPress Themes or WordPress e-commerce systems for a very reasonable price. Based in Sydney, in the wonderful Northern Beaches area, close to Manly and Dee Why, Samuel Larcher is the prefect, reliable choice for your digital, website project. Samuel Larcher has over 10 years of experience in Website Design, Website Development, Theme Customisation, Flash Animation, HTML coding, CSS styling, WordPress Development, WordPress Theme Customisation, WordPress Shopping Carts, WordPress e-commerce, and many more. As a Sydney Freelancer in Website Design and Website Development, it is more than important to stay on top of the ball with Website Design Trends and Website Design Freelance developments. HTML5 and CSS3 are such recent trends. HTML5 and CSS3 are powerful tools, both markup language and latest style sheet markup, which give Freelance Website Designers specialised in Content Management Systems like WordPress or Concrete5 incredible powerful abilities to achieve unusual design functionalities like Responsive Design.

Responsive Webdesign and Responsive WordPress Themes

Responsive WordPress Themes and Responsive Websites are one of the latest trends which have a huge impact on the audience. Responsive Website Designs allow to enjoy different Website Design or WordPress Theme layouts for Mobile users. For example: You can watch a beautiful WordPress designed theme on a standard computer with a screen resolution of more than 2000px. In that case, the Responsive WordPress e-commerce Theme will adjust the design to stretch the content perfectly over the visible area. At the other hand, in a Mobile Device like the Apple iPhone WordPress Themes or other Responsive Website Designs will adjust to show just the most important information to the user. Samuel Larcher as a Sydney based Freelancer with extensive knowledge of Responsive Website Design can help you design and develop stunning website themes for you web project or corporate website design.

Is WordPress the right choice for e-commerce?

WordPress is a very stabile Content Management Plattform for Freelance Developer. It offers best flexibility in developing Content Management extensions or plug-ins. There are a various number of great WordPress e-commere shopping carts available. The problem, if any, is not to find one but to find the right WordPress e-commerce shopping cart plug-in for your purpose. A WordPress e-commerce shopping cart module needs to be flexible, well developed, have good support, be extensible and have a various number of features. WordPress e-commerce (Get Shopped) is one of those – very easy to integrate and featuring a good range of features:

WordPress Integration

  • Easy to install WordPress Plugin
  • Works with any standards compliant WordPress theme
  • It plays well with other WordPress Plugins
  • Supports regular WordPress widgets (as well as a few snazzy ones of our own)
  • Utilizes shortcodes and template tags (just like WordPress)
  • Works out-of-the-box with WordPress Multisite (using sub domains)


  • Flexible coupon/discount pricing rules
  • Product specific sales
  • Quantity discounts
  • Free shipping options
  • Multi-tier pricing for quantity discounts.
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • New Products widget
  • Cross-sells on product pages (in 3.8 this is now available as a Plugin)
  • Google Site Map
  • Uses the popular “Share This” button for easily promoting your products on popular social networking sites
  • Integrates with Facebook Marketplace (Facebook Marketplace API has closed – we’re working on it)
  • Integrates with Google Base
  • Integrates with Campaign Monitor for advanced email marketing
  • Integrates with Intense Debate for shared comments
  • Mail Chimp integration coming soon

Search Engine Friendly

  • 100% Search Engine Friendly
  • Meta-information for products and categories
  • RSS feeds for products and categories
  • Integrates with Google (XML site maps and Google Merchant Centre)
  • Integrates with the WordPress SEO Plugin, and the All in One SEO plugin for WordPress which both offer Google Analytics

International Support

  • Multilingual – the first e-Commerce Plugin to fully integrate with GlotPress & WPML
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Ability to target specific countries


  • Integrates with UPS, USPS, Australia Post and Shipwire for real-time shipping rates
  • Flexible built-in shipping rate calculators
  • Domestic and global shipping rates
  • Flat rate shipping
  • Table rate shipping
  • Weight rate shipping